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Project Management Consulting

Time-tested expertise to generate specific outcomes

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On-Demand Project Leadership

The complexity and volume of C-level projects require a reliable, stabilizing force to diligently oversee objectives and outcomes. Tatum's operating executives have mastered robust project management disciplines that result in rapid yet flexible support. Our C-level consultants are highly attuned to the strategic implications and tight deadlines inherent to highly complicated, large-scale projects. By calling on both foresight and past experience, our teams are counted on to manage each project to completion, enabling clients to achieve new efficiencies that generate bottom-line results.

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Tatum Performance Optimization

The office of the CFO has evolved far beyond the keeper of the finance and accounting function to become a center of accountability and delivery for major strategic, operational and technological initiatives. And at Tatum, our business model is designed with this evolution in mind: We enable our clients to get tangible results in a timely and cost effective manner by leveraging the best available expertise.

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Direct Report Augmentation

For those times when specific skills, backgrounds or knowledge are required but doesn't exist internally, Tatum’s responsiveness and available expertise are second to none. A few of the roles we often fill include:

  • VP Finance
  • Controller
  • Director of Technology
  • Director of Accounting
  • Information Technology Manager
  • Project Management Professionals
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Transaction Support

Extracting maximum value from a transformation or transaction requires a deliberate and decisive plan. Having Tatum on board for the entirety of the process, from the acquisition to spin-off, carve-out or sale, guarantees greater clarity, improved strategy and higher return on investment. As an organization comprised of senior operating executives who have successfully managed thousands of transactions, Tatum understands the pace of change and the need for clear results.

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Operational Improvement

Tatum’s proven executive leaders are at home in the C-suite and have successfully led companies through the many critical junctures of the business life cycle. They understand what's required to improve a company's operational foundation and how to proceed when an organization is stretched to its limits. Tatum’s team of project consultants has the insight and expertise to quickly assemble and deploy the talent and resources required to accomplish strategic initiatives.

More Executive Services

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    Interim Executives

    Experts to provide stability, manage change and advance your strategic objectives.

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  • Strategic Business Solutions

    Tools to help companies focus people, processes and technology for success.


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    Executive Search

    Securing best-in-class executive talent for organizations across industries and geographies.

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