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Management tools to improve key functions and successfully navigate business growth


Tatum Encompass is a six-month program designed to provide complete Interim Resource and Executive Search services to clients. By selecting us to provide both services, our clients are guaranteed exceptional value.

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Interim Leaders and Executive Search Services

Tatum Performance Optimization

The office of the CFO has evolved far beyond the keeper of the finance and accounting function to become a center of accountability and delivery for major strategic, operational and technological initiatives. And at Tatum, our business model is designed with this evolution in mind: We enable our clients to get tangible results in a timely and cost effective manner by leveraging the best available expertise.

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Business Consulting Services

Lease Accounting Standard Implementation

Tatum helps companies accelerate their lease accounting transformations, leveraging deep domain expertise and capabilities that span the entire journey to create robust, streamlined solutions and deliver sustainable transformations.

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Lease Accounting Compliance

More Services and Solutions

  • Interim Leader Resources

    Interim Executives

    Experts to provide stability, manage change and advance your strategic objectives.

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  • A close up of two people‚Äôs torsos and arms sitting in front of a laptop looking at something on the screen

    Project Management Consulting

    Hands-on horsepower to implement strategy, complete projects and drive desired outcomes.

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  • An executive standing in front of a window reflecting a cityscape in the background

    Executive Search Services

    Securing best-in-class executive talent for organizations across industries and geographies.

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