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Strategic Business Solutions

Management tools to improve key functions and successfully navigate business growth

CFO Agenda™

Is your finance organization poised to support and enable the growth of your company? Created by CFOs, our diagnostic and prescriptive business tool, CFO Agenda™, helps to answer that question and propel you toward both short and longer-term success. The CFO Agenda™ was developed based on input from hundreds of CFOs working to create tools to make companies and CFOs more successful.

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Information Technology Assessment

Tailored to your business' needs and growth stage, Tatum’s comprehensive IT Assessment offers insight into the key components of technology operations. The Assessment creates clarity around the drivers and constraints that impact IT’s ability to most effectively support your business.

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More Services and Solutions

  • Interim Executives

    Experts to provide stability, manage change and advance your strategic objectives.

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    Project Management Consulting

    Hands-on horsepower to implement strategy, complete projects and drive desired outcomes.

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    Executive Search

    Securing best-in-class executive talent for organizations across industries and geographies.

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