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CFO Agenda

A roadmap for the corporate finance function

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Developed by CFOs for CFOs

Tatum’s CFO Agenda™ is a comprehensive framework for evaluating the Office of the CFO and focuses on three major components of finance operations: core financial operations, strategic financial management and extended enterprise oversight, plus the functions within them. The assessment process results in a company-specific “Agenda,” which details a plan of action and provides executive teams with a focused sightline to success.

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Customized Analysis

The CFO Agenda™ assessment offers organizations deeper insight into finance and business performance reporting, analysis and metrics; finance operating model performance, including process, people and technology application; adaptation to regulatory changes; and leadership capabilities and human capital mix.

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Creating the Roadmap

The process and resulting Agenda are both diagnostic and prescriptive in nature. They clarify the optimal mix of people, processes and technology required to achieve the finance organization’s objectives. The CFO Agenda™ evaluates the major components of the finance and accounting operations and includes a gap assessment to illustrate which of the three major components are well-managed, can be improved upon or fall somewhere in between.

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Agenda Implementation

A team of Tatum professionals is available post-assessment to help implement an action plan and address opportunities for improvement. We understand that the ability of the finance organization to enhance its contribution to company goals is critical to its success. We also understand that it’s often difficult to make meaningful change in the face of day-to-day demands. We’re here to help.

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