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Information Technology Assessment (IT Assessment)

Leverage your IT environment to its fullest potential

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Meeting the IT Challenge

Increasing the operational efficiency of an organization is no small feat but is essential to profitable growth. In particular, companies need to understand how to optimize IT performance and leverage the IT environment to their strategic advantage. Undertaking a comprehensive assessment can be daunting, however, especially when technology standards and options evolve with increasing speed.

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Tatum IT Consulting Solutions

Tatum’s IT Assessment bridges the gap by evaluating the current state of your IT function and identifying opportunities to strengthen and ensure it supports your organization’s longer-term strategic vision.

Our Assessment addresses the key components of technology operations and highlights issues impacting the IT function’s effectiveness and efficiency.

The process involves a comprehensive health check of current capabilities, and our team details how well those capabilities support the company’s future business requirements. We identify technology issues and risks affecting the company’s financial and operational status, recommend improvements and prioritize actions to accomplish immediate and longer-term goals.

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Practical Strategies to Solve IT Challenges

The Assessment's emphasis on delivering results ultimately improves IT and business strategic alignment and provides robust insight into IT operations. The process helps clients focus on the IT function’s value to the business with an eye to generating more timely, meaningful metrics. The IT Assessment also reveals strategies to improve resource utilization, identifies technical discipline or skills gaps, reduces program and project risks, and suggests ways to enhance operational risk controls.

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