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Changes at the top are important inflection points for organizations, but will yours be the springboard that allows you to leapfrog the competition? Tatum can help.

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What sets Tatum’s proprietary, proven leadership assessment and succession management tools apart? A few things come to mind:

  • Our evaluation experts know how to pull out the performance indicators that matter the most — and they’ll map them onto the specific requirements of a given role, enabling easier one-to-one comparisons.
  • We also know how to pinpoint skill gaps that might not be obvious on a resume, which will empower you to make strategic hiring decisions based on a much more granular and accurate understanding of candidates’ strengths and weaknesses.
  • Thanks to our unmatched network of proven executives from coast to coast, we can deliver more value by sourcing and delivering top-tier candidates way faster than you will if you go it alone.

how the process works

  • leadership profiles

    breaking down the specific qualities that will best position a candidate for success in the role (think: core competencies, prior industry experience, management style and more)

  • candidate reports

    forecasting outcomes for specific candidates — and benchmarking performance against relevant peer groups, too

  • development reports

    to help you identify key growth areas, challenges and ongoing assessment measures — because making a great executive hire is only step one

candidate and development reports in focus

Looking for actionable, highly detailed, easy-to-interpret guidance around hiring decisions? Our candidate and development reports are exactly that. Together, think of them as comprehensive roadmaps for your complete hiring process. They’ll help you arrive at the right hiring decision, establish the right KPIs and achieve the right outcomes down the line.

Plus, you should know that we’re always laser-focused on delivering ROI for our clients, which is something you’ll see reflected on your bottom line. Oh, and did we mention that our leadership assessment and succession solutions are fast, as well? In fact, the entire process takes just one week to complete.

the benefits of specialized industry expertise

Each industry faces its own nuanced hiring challenges, and we’ve put together a team of specialized experts to reflect that — in fact, it’s one of the reasons we’re able to deliver value so consistently. Industries we serve include:

➜  consumer, retail and e-commerce
➜  energy services
➜  financial services
➜  healthcare
➜  industrial
➜  nonprofit
➜  oil and gas
➜  private equity and venture capital
➜  professional services
➜  supply chain/procurement
➜  technology

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ready to see our process in practice?

Leadership assessments and succession planning are a whole lot easier when you lean on the team of experts at Tatum. But don’t just take our word for it — see for yourself today.

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