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tatum encompass

A change in executive leadership can take a toll on a company. Tatum Encompass is a six-month program that makes the transition a little easier. Here's how:

  • assessment

    Our experts assess the state of your organization to make recommendations that ensure business continuity.
  • deployment

    We deploy an interim leader who can immediately plug into your business while our executive search team looks for your next permanent executive.
  • results

    You stay in the know with our biweekly status reports and screening support based on insights from the interim leader.

tatum performance optimization

Your CFO needs to be the center of accountability and delivery for major strategic, operational and technological initiatives. Here's what we can do to support that all-important executive.

➜  cognitive analytics
➜  enterprise performance management (EPM)
➜  lease accounting
➜  machine learning
➜  robotic process automation (RPA)
➜  SAP S/4 transition
➜  strategic advisory

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