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Private Equity Solutions

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For nearly 30 years, Tatum has been a leading private equity resource, helping our long-term partners to conduct better due diligence and optimize management, operations and corporate strategy across their portfolios.

Today, we work with over 50 private equity firms each year, driving better business decisions, more rapid achievement of objectives and greater return on investment.

We know extracting maximum value from a business transformation requires a deliberate and decisive plan. Our top level executives have accumulated experience from thousands of transactions, including mergers, acquisitions, IPOs, carve-outs and spin-offs.

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Private Equity Due Diligence

Due Diligence

Our financial, operational and IT due diligence teams are experts at both uncovering potential issues and identifying opportunities to enhance value.

The honeymoon period for a portfolio company rarely aligns with the onthe- ground reality of transaction or transformation. And even when it does, there is always additional value to be extracted from more effective business systems and processes. That’s why Tatum offers:

• Senior level executives who provide hands-on strategic leadership

• Expertise addressing the entire life cycle of an investment 

• Rapid delivery of seasoned finance and technology leadership 

• Customized solutions that meet agreed-upon objectives and timelines

• Experience spearheading operational change to achieve results

Private Equity The First 100-Days

The First 100-Days

We execute a “First 100-Days” agenda to accomplish critical post-closing tasks, improve reporting and implement the steps needed to allow companies to execute a sound growth strategy.

Private equity firms rely on Tatum for customized solutions that meet aggressive objectives and timelines and rapid integration into operations to drive bottom-line growth.

We tighten business strategy and IT alignment by proactively hiring and integrating new executive level leadership on a temporary or permanent basis. We conduct rapid IT assessments to establish priorities and take action that will increase value.

Private Equity Liquidity Events

Liquidity Events

Tatum can create and defend sale-supporting analyses, help prepare offering documents, provide transactional-leadership or ready a company for an IPO, leaving management the ability to focus on building and safeguarding value during the critical realization process.

Tatum provides operationally based improvements to increase visibility and enhance business decision-making, such as:

• Identification of operational deficiencies and solutions

• Enhanced key metrics analysis

• Actionable planning and budgeting

• M&A integration

• Robust database of dynamic Interim Executives


Private equity business management consultant

Our Differentiators

There are three factors that set Tatum apart as a business management consultative partner.

Unrivaled candidates: Tatum’s deep bench of executive level leaders includes many executives who sat in the C suite office of financial, technology and healthcare companies during critical moments in the business life cycle.

Hands-on engagement management: Our approach balances methodology, documentation and deliverables with creative and collaborative client relationships.

Mutual goals: We partner with private equity clients to increase ROI and build better, more sustainable investments throughout the business life cycle.

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