2018 Key Findings from the CFOs’ Pathway to Growth Study

CFOs Remain Bullish, But Admit That Challenges Loom

The recently completed CFOs’ Pathway to Growth Study, conducted by Tatum in partnership with The CFO Leadership Council, drew on insights from more than 300 leading CFOs to find out what’s top of mind for them in 2018 — and beyond. The findings show that CFOs are overwhelmingly confident in the economy, at least over the near term. The longerterm picture is far less clear, with many CFOs voicing a constellation of concerns, particularly around the availability of skilled talent. Read on to get the insights you need to fuel your personal growth and professional success.



Recently, Tatum partnered with The CFO Leadership Council on the CFOs’ Pathway to Growth Study to identify what is top of mind for leading CFOs in 2018 — and beyond. The results were fascinating and often surprising. For instance, while most CFOs said they were confident in the economy and believed their companies would achieve their financial objectives in 2018, that optimism was undercut by a persistent awareness of risks.

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